Our Goals

The goal of this blog is to provide potential readers with the chance to get to know more about the people behind the words. We know how frustrating it can be as an independent author out there, trying to build a name for yourself. We cannot promise to get you a million sales, but we promise to put your work up here for anyone to see. If we can help, even in some small way, this blog will be a success.

Any author is welcome to submit themselves for interview. (Please see our Interview Policy.)

We have a big heart for independent authors and hope that you will check out each and every one of them and the hard work that they do. If Neil Gaiman ever comes knocking on our door, we will not turn him away, but he will receive the same welcome and treatment from us as someone who has just published their first short story.

This all being said, please understand that we are not a review blog and can, therefore, not speak to the content of the books listed here.

(This site is a work in progress. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to try out different layouts and styles.)

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