Interview Policy

So, you want to participate in an interview? Wonderful! We can't wait to meet you. Here are a two simple questions to cleanse the metaphorical palate:

Have you published at least one book, novella, or short story?

Is your story really, truly good, and needs to be read by a hungry literary public?

If you answered "Yes" to both, congratulations! You're in.

Please send an email to with the subject "Author Interview - Your Name" expressing your interest. Include a link to the book that you would like to be featured. Some of the questions will pertain to your book, so picking just one is imperative. If you would like to include an author photo, send that along as well. As quickly as we can, we'll shoot a list of questions back to you.

Some of the questions will be standard fare. Name, age, location, etc...
Others will be more of a chance to be creative and show potential readers your personality. i.e. "What is hiding in your closet even as we speak?"

All questions are optional. If you're in the witness protection program, please don't reveal yourself on our account.

Nagging disclaimer: Please, no nudity on the cover. We would like to feature it prominently in several places where such things are against the rules. We also reserve the right to withhold answers in the posted interview dependent upon a variety of factors, or if they're just boring. We're sure you wouldn't do that to us, but we must cover our bases.

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