Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heather Ross - Highway 90

We are honored to have Heather Ross with us today to talk about her book Highway 90.

Where do you currently live?
Los Angeles. Right next to the airport so I can envy all of the people going someplace else.

Tell us a little bit about your life.
I'm obsessive compulsive about certain things during certain times of the month. Weird, I know. I'm a germaphobe when not in my own home, which means I don't mind eating something that hit the floor unless, of course, it's yoghurt or honey. I think I have adult ADHD, but not sure since my four-year-old keeps me hustling throughout the day. I home school my daughter, but won't list teacher on my resume, ever! (read what you will into that statement)

When did you first start writing?
Can't exactly put my finger on it partly because I'm old. I do remember a high school poetry project for my English class, which I took pretty seriously. I wasn't sure any of my poems were worthy until my brother read one I wrote about him and got teary eyed. Later I started keeping journals, which I'm glad I still have, you know, for reference and such.

What was your very first story about?
Oh geez, don't remember. Probably something about a dog, candy and roller skates.

Have you written anything that you were too afraid to let anyone read?
Yes. Still haven't let anyone read them and the outlook is grim.

Did you experience anything you've written yourself?
Yes. I'm in the details of my stories. Sometimes I write about things I WISH would happen to me.

Who are several of your greatest literary inspirations?
Robert Frost, Lois Lowry, Nora Roberts to name a few. All for different reasons. I like how writers are so varied in their craft. If they can make me feel something I envy them.

What kind of education have you received, and how has that affected your writing?
Well after graduating private high school I jumped around between three different community colleges before going on to university. I studied journalism for years at the CC's writing for the newspapers and magazines at each school. I liked it, but I was too...descriptive with my words so they all got butchered to the point it wasn't even my writing. I studied Public Relations at the university ('cuz I wanted to eat after I graduated), which I found interesting, however, boring. Come to find out, the degree isn't necessary to work in the field of PR and, for me, it was like the scarlet letter. Oh, to answer your question, I always felt pigeonholed with my writing, which is why I left it to pursue fiction writing.

How much research time customarily goes into your projects?
As much time as it takes to have the story makes sense on some level. Honestly, I'm not sure.

Who is your favorite literary character?
Winnie The Pooh. Does he even count? I just like how he's always so, shall we say, positive?

(Editor's Note: Winnie the Pooh always counts.)

Who is your favorite character of your own creation?
Probably Brooke from Highway 90.

If you were ever to write an autobiography, what would its title be?
"What The Hell Happened Here?"

Tell us about your featured book.
Highway 90 is a young adult novelette. It follows the MC through her thoughts and experiences, some good, others she'd like to forget. She's tired of life in a small town, but more than that, she's tired of the monotony, the cycle of "just surviving" and the lack of direction and meaning in her own life. After visiting a night club in Mexico with her best friend she's faced with a decision that will change her life, a change she's been seeking, but maybe didn't know it.

Why did you write that?
Memories of certain things in my life, places I've been, people I knew, came to my mind one night, so I just started typing. It helped to have friends around that I felt a real connection to while writing. One I consider my "muse" was particularly inspirational without knowing it. I don't believe the story would have been written if I were alone with my thoughts.

Is there anything special you would like your potential readers to know?
It's short and there are things you may not see coming. I've been told it's more for the female crowd too. (Probably just killed some sales with that tidbit.)

What's a negative trait about other people that you most notice, or that
bothers you the most?

People who talk incessantly, about themselves.

Do you ever notice it in yourself?
Now that you mention it...yeah I guess I do. That would explain all the "not everything's about you" comments I get.

If you were forced to give something you adore up for the rest of your
life, what would it be?

Raw honey. Sounds shallow, but I'm addicted.

Do you own any kind of art collection?
Not sure what comprises a collection, but I have five Lladro's (still in their boxes because that's how paranoid I am).

What is the hardest thing about growing up?
Taking it slow, living in the moment, NOT wishing I was a grown up every day. Did you mean one thing?

Was it worth it?
Growing up? Yes and no.

What is the biggest lie you've ever heard?
"Trust me, it won't hurt."

What is something you absolutely must have in your kitchen?
My Omega 8006 juicer.

What is pain to you?
God telling me I'm alive, appreciate it.

What is your dream house?
A huge warehouse with lots of glass block, a pool, skylights that open and a loft.

Where would you want this house located in our wide world?
On a mountain high above the sea with lots of trees.

You've been forced under various circumstances to choose a personal motto. What is it?
"Press On Regardless."

You're pitching a television pilot to a network. Describe it.
A curious monkey, big red dog and a bunch of puppets come together to open a day care. What? Too far fetched?

Have you ever received a present you really hated? If so, what was it?
Yes. A candle holder. One, single, solitary candle holder painted bright colors, lacking a mate and candles. (I know what you're thinking and no, it wasn't from one of my kids.)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you have it again?
Snails. No, I'm done trying to impress people.

What's the first thing you would do if you could become invisible?
Jump up and down thankful that no one could see my "muffin top." (Google it.)

Do you ever have recurring dreams? What is your most common one about?
Yes. Spiders. I don't like them, maybe it's their long legs or quick movement, but they've always freaked me out. My dreams usually entail one of them crawling on me, near me or biting me. (I blame you if I dream about them tonight.)

What is the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for you?
Hugged me.

More information about Heather can be found on her website: HeatherRoss.net

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