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Aris Whittier - Across Eternity

Today, we are pleased to feature Aris Whittier and her novel Across Eternity.

What is your name?
Aris Whittier

Where do you currently live?

In Beautiful Northern California

Tell us a little bit about your life.

Here’s the short condensed version, I’m married and have two amazing children. I love coffee and adore animals. I am addicted to Thai food. I love to shoot guns. I do yoga every morning. And I love to write.

When did you first start writing?

I actually began writing my first novel in college. It wasn’t for a course—I just happened to be inspired at that time. I never had aspirations of becoming a writer it just happened.

What was your very first story about?

The first story I ever wrote was my first novel, Fatal Embrace. When I was a kid I didn’t write that much, I was too busy running around and playing outside. I grew up in the country and rarely was indoors. There were just too many trees to climb, too many forts to build, and too many blackberries to pick!

Did you experience anything you’ve written yourself?

Yes, I’ve experienced a few things I’ve written about. It’s been said write what you know. Fatal Embrace’s setting is centered around a horse ranch. I grew up riding horses.

What kind of education have you received, and how has that affected your writing?

I have an AA and BA and to be honest I don’t think it’s affected my writing all that much. Yes, in college I had to write essays but I don’t think its help my creativity and my passion for writing.

Who is your favorite character of your own creation?

Right now I’m in love with Logan Richards from Across Eternity. However, my favorite character is usually the one (hero) I’m creating at the time.

If you were ever to write an autobiography, what would its title be?

“She Puts the Fun in Dysfunction”.

Tell us about your featured book.

Across Eternity is a beautiful love story that tells of love that transcends time. It will pull at your heart. It is set in the small coastal city of Dana Point, in Southern California.

Why did you write that?

Across Eternity was inspired by a dream.I dreamt the entire book one night and sprung out of bed at about 3 in the morning scrambling into my office and immediately began writing—I didn’t want to forget it! Across Eternity is an amazing love story and I hope it makes the reader think and question certain aspect about life, love, and ourselves. And most importantly what do you believe in and is your Logan out there somewhere?

Is there anything special you would like your potential readers to know?

Across Eternity makes the reader think and question certain aspect about life, love, and ourselves. And most importantly what do you believe in?

If you were forced to give something you adore up for the rest of your life, what would it be? Coffee, because I can't live without my pets!

Do you own any kind of art collection?

Yes, my daughters. Ever since she was five she has been passionate about her art. She is a very good artist! I’m always having it framed so I can hang it through the house. I love it!

What is the hardest thing about growing up?

Responsibilities! I long for the days when I’d skip around the neighborhood completely oblivious to the harsh realities of adulthood. But then again it’s not all that bad—I live a really good life.

What is the biggest lie you’ve ever heard?

Santa Clause…I’m still mad about that one.

What is something you absolutely must have in your kitchen?

A coffee maker. Preferably my Keurig, but if it brews coffee it’ll work.

What is pain to you?

Watching those commercials where the animals are neglected and abused. All I have to do is hear the first notes of the music and I start to cry.

What is your dream house?

A French Ch√Ęteau

Where would you want this house located in our wide world?

Somewhere warm and in the country. I love to garden and to be outdoors so I need my space and good weather.

Have you ever received a present you really hated? If so, what was it?

It was Christmas of 09 and I was given a used puzzle that was missing three pieces.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Would you have it again?

I have been a vegetarian for over 25 five years so I don’t eat too many weird things. However, my mom has told me a story of when I was 2 and I ate a bowl of cat food that was sitting on our porch. So I’d have to say cat kibble is the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten…perhaps that’s why I’m a vegetarian…LOL! And no I wouldn’t eat it again!

What’s the first thing you would do if you could become invisible?

Sit in the White House and see what really goes on in there. Then I’d promptly find my way to Alex O'loughlin’s house and…let’s just leave it at that…

What is the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for you?

After finishing my last book, Secrets, my girlfriend surprised me with a massage at a spa. She set the appointment up and told me I HAD to go in the next hour or she’d be out her money. She knew I had been sitting at the computer for way too long.

Our special thanks to Aris for taking the time to be with us today. Check out her work below and find her on her blog:

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  1. I keep hoping for a sequel for Across Eternity. :)